Too Much Bait In Winter??

This is one of the biggest dilemmas faced by anglers, from beginner to someone who has been fishing for years.  Unless you know the lake or person writing the article, you will not understand this situation behind it. E.g venue, stock, weather conditions or water temperature.  These all play a part in the choice you have to make.  Which sort of bait are they talking about?  Boilies, pellets, Groundbait or maggots.  Anglers put out kilos of particles in the winter months, they wouldn’t dream of doing this in the summer, well some do.


I don’t wish to confuse any beginners but the major rule must be less is more in the winter.  You can never take out what you put in the lake.


My personal approach is to continue to do much the same amount of spombs but change the contents towards the finer bait.  Basically, I reduce the number of whole boilies, start to grind them up more, add micro pellets and particle.  Now, this is only when I am fishing, as I still prebait with boilies but less frequent in the winter months.  This approach only applies to the type of lake I am fishing.


If you are fishing a heavily stocked water and the carp feed in the winter months, especially if you keep chucking in the bait, you will be surprised that the carp will still feed on the coldest days if they don’t have to move far for the food.  Just to confuse you more. this can also apply to low stocked waters if you do your homework and know where the carp are and you can keep an eye on their feeding patterns.

This really only applies to the full-on winter angler, if you only go once a month, stick to the less bait as possible.  Try over flavoured hook baits and tiny bags soaked in plenty of attraction.


Chopped Boilies


The important parts are to remember is not an exact science but if you fish a lake for a few years you will understand the patterns of the fish and can apply this to smaller lakes.

Time is a big key to the factor, that’s time spent fishing over the winter months, which is certainly not an easy task.

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