Trip 52 Carp Fishing – 2020

Location – Airfield Lake

Hours Fished –  53 Hours


With the prospects of a good blow coming from the south west, I’ve managed to get down the lake Wednesday morning, with a good deal of effort on my part with work and the family being happy to accommodate my request to go a day earlier than normal, unfortunately no Ian this weekend, as he is resting his shoulder after to much spombing last week and a incident with a hill and a wheelbarrow the other month.

My choice of swim, was completely down to the wind direction and I needed to be in the south west corner or at least near by, I looked in the three swim out on the island and the far one was just to exposed and the one I fished last weekend looked very appetising, but after seeing a couple of fish stick there heads out in the bar to the right of where Ian fished last week and then a big crash out, directly in front of the swim, my disistion was quickly made, the wind swinging around to the North east will certainly make it a cold swim on Friday, which is why I quit fancied my swim from last week, but I couldn’t ignore the carp, I now its not far away from the other swim, but a few yards can make a difference sometimes.

I baited the area we normal fish and then set about finding a perfect spot away from the baited area to put my second rod, in an attempt to avoid to many smaller fish, as I’m sure they will be about as well.

The first take came completely out of the blue at just after noon time, the rod tip gave a couple of knocks and then ripped off, with a not so happy Airfield lake carp on, which was off down towards the right hand margin, I quickly waded out and applied some more pressure, but not to much and it then wiped back out into the open water and was going for the left hand margins, I gave it some line until it was past my other rod and not much chance of it getting to the right hand snags and then, kept the rod tip as high as I could to avoid the boulders in the shallower area to my left and slowly pumped the carp into the Nsr 50.

14lb 15oz Common

Very pleased with myself and so early in the session.

With the rod back on the spot it was time for lunch and the first brew of the trip.

After having another two takes in the afternoon, where I pulled into thin air, which is another thing to contend with on this lake, the night pasted with out a single bleep, the ran and wind faded away to a flat calm silent night , with a stunning full moon.

The morning was absolutely gorgeous, with a gentle glow of sunshine over the forest.

After the action yesterday late morning, earlier afternoon I disided that I would get some bait out first thing this morning and re fresh the baits, just as a change of approach and with the wind due to pick up again over the morning, unfortunately no rain, however definitely worth a try.

Just after 1230 the right rod was away and into a carp, it was off to the right margins as normal, but I was soon into the lake up to my waste and the fish was now heading left and I gave it some line as normal, so it would continue on its way and then I could gain control again and bring it safely in to the Nsr50.

14 lb 13oz Common

Another one to the list of Airfield Lake carp this year.

I quickly got the rod back out and continued to get my Chicken Korma and rice ready.

The afternoon was very pleasant, but with no more action.  I settled down for the night and the prospect of an eastly wind arriving soon with a good bit of rain over night.  I will see how things develop, but I feel an early pack up coming on Friday afternoon.  More rain is due Saturday.  I just don’t think the carp will like such a dramatic change in the weather (nor the fisherman says the editor!).  The pressure will be good but the drop on temperatures and cold winds will push them away from here, I’m sure.

The next carp was just before 2300 hours, I was fast asleep and totally zoned out.  This made for an entertaining few minutes; I managed to pick the other rod up with all sorts of fun dealing with that, a tree got in the way and sometimes you can’t believe you ended up with the carp in the net and on other times the hook just pulls out.

19lb 3oz Common

This is a beauty.  With the snaps done, it was time to sort out both rods, in the rain (I forgot to mention the rain had also arrived).

This was the only bite of the night and maybe this was a good thing.  The rain was monsoon like.  Despite my best efforts, I never put my coat on when I get a take in the rain, probably because it doesn’t happen that often.  I can’t get into the process of putting one on before I get out the bivvy!

I was up earlier – no surprise really, as the wind and rain were still going strong.  I made the effort to get some more bait out and fresh hook baits on.  This is in the hope of repeating yesterday’s day time take.

The sun is due out later and I need to decide if I fancy packing up in a monsoon tomorrow morning (I need to be home early) or do I just head home this afternoon? The last option is feeling quite appealing.  I will check on the weather at noon (after the morning updates) and make the decision then.

I’m going to head home today and spend the whole weekend with the family, this will be nice for us.  I’ve been fishing very hard recently.  I’ve done 2 nights and had a few and there is still a couple of trips to go on the Airfield Lake before it closes at the end of October.  Then it will be time to move on my winter venue.  This year I’m getting the feeling it will be a harsh one, the storms have started earlier than recent years and the trees and bushes are plentiful of berries.

I’m going to stick it out here until 1400 hours for a chance of another bite.  Then there will (hopefully) be a break in the weather and a tiny prospect of some sunshine, which would be a help.

Now, that was a full on 30 minutes!  I had two takes in quick succession and luckily for me the first one was no real dramatic fight, just very straight forward and into the Nsr50.  With a few snaps and a quick video, it was back in the water.  Only just got the wraps done on the first rod before the other one ripped off!

19lb 4oz Common

17lb 4oz Common

This was the first of the two bites.  These takes happened after the monsoon past.  I’ve looked at the weather and it definitely makes sense to go home before the heavy stuff arrives later today and it carries on until Sunday sometime.

As it’s only just after 11am, there could well be another chance of a carp and just maybe that bigger one, fingers crossed!

My next take slowly pulled off line as the carp headed off towards the island.  I slowly slowed it down and convinced it that it was best not to go down the right hand margins but back out into open water and head left.  This was a lot better for me to play out the fish and into the Nsr50.

29lb 6oz Common

What a belter and worth the wait!  I’m not going to be greedy and wish for something bigger or even stay another night.  The family were good enough to let me go a day earlier; it’s only fair, I’ve done so well.

Then out of the blue (as I was packing up about 1330), the left rod was away and attached to a very unhappy carp.  It was clearly was not going to stop heading for those margins to my right. I pulled and stuck the tip way down, but the carp just knew what it needed to do and it found the snags.  I wasn’t beaten yet.  I put the rod on the rest and maintained the pressure, but loosen the clutch enough for it to take line if needed.  Meanwhile, I headed off through the trees and into the margins to my right, in an attempt to spook the carp out.  I knew there is a very deep hole under a particular tree and there was no other way round it other than going for a dip!  Not for me thanks.  The buzzers kept sounding out the odd time, so I was convinced the fish was still on.  I did more stomping about up to my waist, it buzzed a lots more so I quickly ran back through the under growth and picked the rod up.  I sunk the rod tip again and applied pressure.  The carp rolled just at the end of the bush and I just held on.  It slowly worked its way free and into open water and straight into the Nsr50.

15lb 11oz Common

This has certainly turned into one of those memorable sessions.

Better get them bags packed, into the car and get myself home.

Wrong heading, right video

Until next time


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