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In the end of August, we are launching our brand-new Fish Deeper App.

Read the below to find out what, when & why 🔽🔽🔽

Say Hello to Our New Fish Deeper App

Say Hello to Our New Fish Deeper App

As we always strive to provide superior quality in everything we do, we believe it is impossible to do it without listening to the voice of our massive community of over 2,000,000 anglers. Upgrading the overall Deeper App user experience, making it not only more user-friendly, but adding new features to make it more enjoyable and tailored to individual needs were the most frequent requests by our app users.

Back in 2013 we introduced the Deeper App and it served well to its users, but we believe it is time to move on. After a lengthy course of user feedback analysis, we’ve decided to upgrade our Deeper App and present it in a shiny form, the all new Fish Deeper App. The app will be completely new, however, most of the old favourite features will be kept with some new functional ones added too.

Old app vs new

In the end of August, we are officially launching our new app which means the current Deeper App will be discontinued. Do not fear, this doesn’t mean you have to start worrying where to store all your fishing data or that you might even lose it completely. As all your scans, maps, notes and saved locations are securely synced with our cloud server, your data is safe, and it won’t disappear. If you have an automatic app update feature enabled on your phone, your current Deeper App will simply update by itself and change to the new app with a new name and logo. All your previously saved data will be there once you log in with your existing My Deeper account details.


– Updated App Layout. Apart from a revamped menu look, the new screen header will display the information not only on water, depth, temperature, time, sonar/phone battery status and boat speed, but it will also notify you about issues, related to the sonar connectivity. App settings

– Quick Settings. This brand-new feature will allow you to customise your app experience by adjusting the variety of settings such as fishing mode, sonar display, beam angle, display sensitivity, fish size, depth and others, etc.

Fishing modes– Onshore, Boat & Standard Modes. The familiar fishing mode feature currently used in the old Deeper App will have an improved display layout.

– Recorded Trips, Real-time History & Syncing with Lakebook™.
 The old feature of recording your fishing trips, storing them in the app and syncing your data with Lakebook™will be available in the Fish Deeper App. Previously, you could only review your lake scans once you finished scanning, however the new app will allow you to wind it back while you are still scanning. Not for 10 or 30 seconds, but for as long as you will be scanning.
Fishing trips CHIRP+ Integration. All Deeper sonars, including StartPROPRO+ and the latest addition to the product portfolio, CHIRP+, will be fully integrated with the new Fish Deeper App. Moreover, anglers who still own the discontinued product Deeper 3.0 will also be able to use our new app.

 Offline Maps. If you don’t want to use your mobile data while fishing or want to avoid any hassle if you happen to be in the middle of the lake where there is no network coverage, you will still be able to download the offline maps in advance and use them as an orientation guide when you go fishing.
Offline maps Sonar Connection Improvements. We made some changes, so you can experience the new user interface and improved sonar connection quality.

– Main Settings. Our new app will be available in the number of languages and have an option to select your preferred measurement units as before. The slide out profile info section will allow you to see your username, the name of your sonar (if it is connected) and log out of the Fish Deeper App if needed.
Main settings Cold Start. With the new app, scanning won’t just start automatically once you immerse your sonar in water. The “Cold Start” feature will allow you to decide when you want to connect to your Deeper sonar, commence a new fishing session by pressing Start, pause and resume the session when you decide to get back to it.
Cold start


 Weather Forecast;
 Ice Fishing Mode for both Android and iOS;
 Points of Interest (POIs) and their syncing with Lakebook™;
 Solunar Forecast Calendar.

We understand it might be a little bit frustrating if some of the above four features are your favourite ones and they will not be available on the new app. Please don’t panic, they will be back. We are continuously working on developing the new Fish Deeper App, so watch this space, the new updates, including these features, will be released in the near future.


New logo If you have an automatic app update feature enabled on your phone (Apple or Android), the current Deeper App will update by itself and change to the new Fish Deeper App. All you’ll need is to have your Wi-Fi or mobile data turned on.

 If an automatic app update feature is disabled, please go to Google Play (for Android users) or the App Store (for Apple users) on your mobile phone and update your current Deeper App.

 Once the download is complete, please log in with your current My Deeper account details or follow the steps to create a new My Deeper account if you are a first-time user.

Please be aware that once you log in to the Fish Deeper App, all your past trips will be synced and available to review at any stage. In order to access them, you’ll only have to click on the trip you are interested, download the data and Voilà! You’ll be good to go.

We are super excited with the upcoming release of the new Fish Deeper App and wanted to keep you in the loop. The new app release would not have been possible without all of you and your insightful feedback. We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your continuous support!
Stay tuned for more details…


Note: If you‘re already a Deeper App user, but haven‘t yet registered your account, please create a new Deeper account before the Fish Deeper App is out. It is required to ensure your current app data will be fully synced with our cloud server and available to view on multiple devices and through the Lakebook™ once you log in to the new app. Please click here to register your account.


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