Rocky Mountain Trail

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about us

Our Mission:
Believing that in nature you find yourself and in finding yourself you find peace we developed an inclusive attitude and strive to outfit others for
whatever adventures await them beyond the front door, whether it’s a walk along the river, a picnic in the park, a day at the lake, a backpacking trip,
or a world adventure. Located in the Heart of the Rockies we find ourselves inspired by the natural beauty around us and are committed to helping
others find their piece of heaven, because it’s not on the asphalt road, but on the dirt path where we uncover the secret joys in life.

Our Roots:
What started as a small company in the garage grew from there. We realized that our true passions lie in the outdoors. Biking, hiking, fishing,
climbing, camping, backpacking…we wanted to do it all. With an eye out for products that transition easily from work to the trail without cutting
corners on quality we slowly evolved. Realizing that we were on the right path we outgrew the garage and are now located in a warehouse at 105
Isabel Court, in Buena Vista, Colorado. Our family continues to grow as those with similar passions help us run our business smoothly in order to give
others the chance to get outdoors in whatever ways they can to enjoy all of nature’s wonders. We adapt with the outdoor industry and as the
technologies change and new products emerge we do our best to offer them to outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves.

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