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Fishing Tv – Top 10 Carp

Top 10 Free Carp Videos Warwick Avon  Chilly On Carp 2 Chilly is desperate to get a monkey off his back – he’s never caught a carp from a British river. … Lane vs Russell  Carp Wars Carp Wars gets … Continue reading

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Baiting Pole Tips

Baiting pole is amazing bits of kit.  I have found my one incredibly useful and it’s certainly has helped me catch fish. Now, before you rush out and buy one, there are a few things to consider. 1. Cost – … Continue reading

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Trip 73 Carp Fishing- 2018

I was not sure if I would get out again before Christmas or even into the New Year.  My dad had been down for 10 days, as it was this time last year when my mum passed away. Also with … Continue reading

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My Journey Through The Old Skool Days

My Journey Through The Old Skool Days I started my Carp fishing in the early ’80s, after leaving school.  I discovered there was more to fishing than small local rivers with only Roach & Dace and the odd Perch in … Continue reading

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Deeper Part 7

Once I have found my spot (and settled down with a brew), I flick the Deeper out into my swim.  When the wind is from behind me I let it drift about slowly across the lake over my area and … Continue reading

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Local lake’s – Hampshire

I get asked a lot about where to fish in Hampshire so I thought I would put a list of clubs together and a small bio about lakes I have fished on; Portsmouth Angling Sinah Warren – This is a … Continue reading

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Beginners Guide To Carp Safety

This time I would like to cover carp safety on the bank when unhooking and using a sling + photography. The most important part of this is the fish comes first at all costs.  You have caught it and well … Continue reading

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Evolution Carp Tackle – Female Anlgers

  Great opportunity Lady’s

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Basic Guide To Leads

As part of my beginner’s guide to carp fishing, I will stick to the simple answers regarding leads. Casting leads or distances leads – These are the pointed ones, which look like bullets and used to be known as Zipp … Continue reading

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Beginners guide to fishing terminology

A friend of mine has suggested that it would be a help to put together a beginners guide to carp fishing terminology.  As a help to newcomers to the sport and I will also be doing beginner’s guide to other … Continue reading

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