Spotted Fin – Coarse- Catch Reports – Jan / 2019


Below are just a few of the fish landed on Spotted Fin Products

Spotted Fin – Catch Report – Jan 2019

Spotted Fin angler Richard Handel used prawn mounted on a Spotted Fin Turning Point hook to snaffle a trio of smashing perch after pre-baiting with chopped prawns. Do you pre-bait for predators? Find the Turning Point range at

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Do you follow the crowd, or are you a pioneer? Spotted Fin anglers Rhian Bomber and partner Dave Grocer are currently exploring a South Wales river not known for it’s pike fishing, but a recent session saw four fish banked between them, and they are continuing their quest for a monster… good luck guys! Have you got a secret spot?

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We’ve all seen the movie ‘Jaws’ and know how good a slick of ‘chum’ can be when fishing for predators, so here’s a top tip.
Cut up some soft fish such as sardine, add a glug of Spotted Fin Salmon Oil and mash in to a mush. Spoon it into some Spotted Fin pva mesh, then tie it up tight. The oil adds attractant, and prevents the pva melting before it hits the water; nick onto the point of one of your trebles. Add bait flag to stop it coming off, and when it dissolves, you are left with a super slick of predator pulling power! Try it and see! It worked for our man Clint this week with a 21lb 2oz croc slipping up!

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New Spotted Fin Media Manager Richard Chapman has been on the River Dove in pursuit of chub, and managed a few bites from his banker swims! Great work Richard!

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A mid-week session saw #TeamFin angler Andy Beach back several carp to 20lb 2oz after fishing over a constant trickle of crumbed Catalyst and Smokey Jack 12mm boilies. Andy used Spotted Fin Caramel Cream wafters on the hook, and cast regularly until he found fish. Awesome work Andy!

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