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Here are copy’s of my monthly update on the Spotted Fin Website, click on the link to read other report by my fellow Spotted Team Members.

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It’s not been a bad month for fishing.  It started off very cold and we certainly had our fair share of Autumn storms this month. This is always fun being out on the bank!

With the family away for half term, I had a week of fishing.  This turned out to be the week that my lake did its normal autumn slow down!  It then picks itself up again after the fish have adjusted themselves – funny lake but it’s been doing it for years.  All I could muster was this nice common.

I love the effects and colours you get.  It’s such a beautiful time of the year to be on the bank.

As the clocks have changed, it signals the start of setting and packing up in the dark, also less anglers on the bank and a good chance of a lump or two.  Effort = reward!



This month has been a pretty good month for me – in the shape of two 30+ Carp.  First was this lovely common. 

On my first visit back onto this water (in preparation for the Winter), my other water is unfortunately closed though the Winter.  I finally got a stunning photography of a Kingfisher, after so many not so good efforts over the years.

My other 30+ Carp was taken on my first try with the new Smokey Jack boilies – due out next year and what a start that turned out to be. 

A stunning 38lb 2oz mirror, named Basil and one of the most sort after fish on complex!

With the night’s drawing in fast and that lovely Autumn light you get, I have managed a few nice sunset shots.

I just love the mirror effect you get on these very calm evenings and I can’t wait for the quiet Winter nights over the coming months.

I have been using the Smokey Jack boilies over the last week and they have produced 5 fish so far for me and that’s pretty good going.

This lovely common is a fine example of what the Smokey Jack can produce.

Until next time



This month has certainly gone by very fast for me. I only had two weeks’ worth of fishing before my annual family holiday.  I am sitting writing this on a sunny beach in Wales, my two girls are trying to teach each other how to use a buggy board.

It is a stunning back drop with a pleasant view to sit and reflect on this month’s fishing adventures.  This month there was no shortage of fish captures, it started well with a nice 20lbs Common.

After that, it was just a struggle to getting another over twenty pounds, considering I know I was in the right area.


I just couldn’t get through the smaller fish and the biggest I managed was just over 16lbs.

What started this month to use was the Finamino as a hook bait soak. This certainly gave me an extra edge and helped to keep the fish coming this month. On my last trip of the month (before we headed away), I had a look around the other lake I can fish, this was done on my way down to my normal lake.  After seeing fish, I just had to give it a go.

I set up on one of the point swims, for a quick 12 hours and spombed out a load of Catalyst Boilies and a mix of pellets. I managed to bank 1 x 19lber & 2 fish over twenty.

For the Full Report please check out my website.  I am now looking forward to the coming month, as there are a few new products I am having a play with, in preparation for the Winter.

Until Next Time



It started off a very hard month for me.  A few lost fish, is part of the norm I think on my water.  I had managed to avoid this so far this year.  Unfortunately, the fished moved into different areas of the lake and this was going to be an inevitable thing.  I managed to get out on to the other water, as it had now opened up.

Fishing my favourite margin swim which was only producing Tench for me, so far and just one lost Carp.

I have also been spending a lot of time walking the river with no rod’s, just watching and finding a few Carp, which was good.

I had a two-page feature in Carp Talk also this month.  Which was brilliant and big thank you to Spotted Fin for this opportunity.

When I returned on the lake and managed a couple of nice Carp and ended up fishing another stormy night with way too much thunder and lightning

Best one of the month 25lb 5oz common.

Until Next Time


With the first week of June being the school holiday’s, I was off camping in Wales with the kids. I was then back out on the following Tuesday night, trying to track down the carp again. I managed a nice 18lber. 

The next time I was out, my eldest came with me. She had be keen to come with me for some time but the weather conditions had not suitable for her to do any float fishing. Therefore, the swim selection was based around her, which unfortunately resulted in me blanking. This was a shock, as it had been a long-time since that had happened. The next trip out resulted in a lost fish. It was then the 16th June and time to start my campaign on the river after the Carp.  I was not going to neglect the lakes but I just fancied getting way from the hustle and bustle of the lakes.

I had a good few hours out looking on the first day and then came the heat wave. And that was me mostly inside for over a week. I had a two night social with a friend I managed a nice 20lbers.

I have found over the years that June & July can be some of the hardest months of the year.

My last couple of trips out have resulted in a couple of lost fish and also a couple of blanks. This was mostly due to bad timing on my part with the weather. Next month, I am hoping to have a few more trips looking around the river after the carp.

Until next month




After the lake starting to pick up in April, I was hoping for a fabulous month and it certainly turned out that way.  The change in tactics at the end of last month resulted in a couple of 30s.

I continued using a mix of Catalyst & Betafin Pellets Soaked in Mimamonos.  This was also in combination with Frank Warwick Masala Pop-Ups and Natural Pop-Ups.

It was quite a hard month in one respect, the fish had certainly spread out over the whole complex.

Let me give you a overview of the lake – it’s 52 acres split over 3 interconnecting lakes by 30 ft channels, 10 islands and a fair bit of out if bounds.  There are numerous bars, gully’s and an unfishable bank.  I ended up with 5 different 20’s Up To 27 lbs and a fair few upper doubles.

The best night being the night of that amazing thunderstorm.

Catch up with you next month



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