My Spotted Fin – Monthly Update’s – 2018




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December Update

For some reason or another, I struggle in December and I believe it’s down to when I fish.  This is mostly setting and packing up in the dark, with not much looking about.  I try my best by staying up late and listening out for the carp but you are never a 100% sure where they are.

I managed one carp at the beginning of the month but that was all.  The lake has been particularly hard going this December, I missed out a couple of weekends as my dad was visiting but managed to do the last two weekends of the year on the bank.

With a lovely sunset shot and a very moody sky when I was out feeder fishing.

Its been a brilliant year with a PB Mirror & Common.  It’s all about the joy and freedom this passion for fish that I have.

Until next time


November Update

It’s not been the best November for me, firstly the weather was so mild which meant my gardens still need a lot of work on them.  As it turned out, the only free days I had, my fishing plans where dashed due to torrential rain.  I must be getting old as I just didn’t fancy getting soaked for 5 hrs.


However, I did manage to fit in a couple of weekends, which resulted in another 30 lber to the list this year, which is great news.


I also managed to get a few nice scenic shots in.  As December will no doubt past by in a flash, my kid’s are getting more excited about the big day, I will catch up with you all in the new year.  My fishing is always very sparse this time of the year.

Until next time


October Update

For some reason over the year’s, October is a hard month for me and with no exception, this October followed the same pattern.  Despite my best efforts, all I managed were 3 very nice twenties.


Mind you, I still love this time of the year as the Autumn light gives some amazing photos of the lake etc


Bring on Winter I say and this year I have decided to concentrate more on day trips and the odd weekend.  It’s come to the time that I can’t bring myself to pack up and head home in the dark – it must be my age or the fact that I have been doing this since I was 16 year’s old.  It will be certainly interesting if my catch rate goes up.

Until next Month


September Update

Wow, what another great month I’ve had.  It was great to get back into the swing of things after the kids went back to school and the hot summer started to fade in our minds.


The weather this month has been pretty good all around, with a couple of stormy fronts pushing through and by the end the month, the first few signs of Winter not being too far off.  We even had a couple of frosts this past week!


On the fish front, it’s been great. Amazing would sum it up more, I managed to land a new UK PB common


37lb 2oz

And then a couple of other fish too over 30 and one just under.  I also had a few twenty thrown in for good measure.


I love this time of the year as it produces some lovely light for my love of photography.  The only downside is my favourite lake being the Airfield has closed down until next season.  So it’s time to move back to the river and some predator fish.  Not forgetting a few nights on Meadow Lake.  This was not that much of a success last year but I’ve a feeling it may well be a lot better next year.


Until next month


August Update

After last month’s mega haul and my new PB mirror


It was just over the 40 lb mark.  I headed back to the Airfield lake and reports were pretty grim on the fish front.  I just had to get past the smaller carp, I even opted for big beds of particles to try and feed them off, catching fish was not the issues just size.


And with the school holidays in full swing, I managed a few Friday morning starts to the fishing weekend by taking my girls and the wife kindly picking them up after work.




They are very good on the lake – even in a thunderstorm.  My best fish of the month was a lovely mirror, just over the 20 mark.


My plans for September is to carry on after the unknown monsters of the Airfield lake until it shuts down for 6 months as normal.

Until next month


Update July

After the last few months of struggling to catch carp (of any size) from the airfield.  I’ve caught consistently but just small fish and some clearly not worth mentioning.  The Meadow reopened on 16th June and I thought it’s worth a chance.  It could well boost my conference a bit.  I know you can’t choose the fish you catch (unless you can see them) but it was clearly getting a bit frustrating for me.

Well, I couldn’t dream up the next few sessions over the next 2 weeks.

With 14 Carp over that period on Catalyst 15mm catalyst Wafters over a bed of SF hemp and tigers.


7 x under Doubles


8 x 20s

1 x 40+

It was an amazing few weeks and I certainly needed some sleep as most of the trips were quick overnights with multiple catches and with this hot weather.

I have now moved back onto the airfield lake and managed a few nice fish from there.


Let’s hope I can find that unknown monster carp from this lake.

Until next time


June Update

I can’t believe another month has passed by and we are in full swing of a heatwave.  This is ok if you like the heat, unfortunately not for me, 22 degrees C is plenty hot.  My extension is moving on and taking up way too much of my time but it was planned this way, to be all done and completed (I will have painted all the walls) by August and a perfect time to get back full on fishing.


I have done a few nights out this month but my timing with the weather was what it was – I certainly cooked nicely!  I did, however, manage my first 20lber from the airfield lake which is a step in the right direction, I also managed to lose a nice one as well.


I also managed a few hours stalking one afternoon and a trip down the river.  I love being on here at this time of year, I just need some shade to get under.


I always find this time of year very hard going if the weather is in full summer swing, which it certainly is.  I tend to spend time with the family and less time on the bank.


Not the best night photograph I have done but still, love the daisies in the background! which have all dried up in the heat.

I did manage a few products shots in the sunshine which always helps.



I had a good walk around my other lake on the way past the last time out and found a few fish in the lagoon.  Obviously, building themselves up for some spawning.






That’s all from me this month, in all honesty, next month will be the same sort of thing, as this heatwave is set to continue well into July and my focus is on getting my extension completed.

Until Next Time


May Update

Well, it’s been another hard month on the Airfield lake, as it normally is in May.  This is due to the fish spawning which is normal for this lake.  It’s so shallow and warms up so quickly.

They have tried 3 or 4 times this month.  The lakes don’t close but we all keep away.

In between all of this, I’ve managed a few fish.  However, just can’t locate the bigger fish yet.

But I have certainly enjoyed my hours on the lake this month.

With the chance of a few lovely photographs and watching nature going by.

Until next time


April Update

The first part of April was very hard going, it just rain & rain.  This started to get to me a bit, as by now things should have started getting better, it just was not happening.

I had a trip to see Rob at the mill pond which produced a couple of nice carp.

This was very nice, despite the cold weather that week.  We were no sooner into a heat wave for a few days and my favorite Syndicate water was open.  All I could manage every time was just low double figures commons.

And then the last weekend of April turned very cold and wet again for some parts of the UK.

I was lucky enough to avoid the rain but not that cold northerly wind.  It felt like we were plunged back into winter.

Let’s hope it’s all in the past as May begins.

Until next time


March Update

So, March has certainly been the month of the weather.  You know the saying in like a lion out like a lamb – more like in like a polar bear out like a duck!  The start of the month was snow – to the delight of my kids and they even got a snow day.

It was fun playing in the snow.

On the fishing front, it was like any other hard going month.  I even tried for a snow carp!  With no success.

However, on a nice warm sunny day (when there was one), I did manage a couple of nice fish, including my first 30+ of 2018.

And a lovely mirror.  With a few days over the bank holiday weekend, I was hoping to bag a few more.

The end of the month it mostly rained, this makes it a bit hard going.  We are in April now and things can only get better.

Until next time



February Update

As I write this, there is snow on the ground and a massive wind chill.  It’s the first day of spring in the meteorology calendar (apparently).

At the beginning of the month, it’s was a completely different story and I was lucky enough to bag a couple of carp.

I had been playing with the Frank Warwick miracle berry Wafters.  I felt that something bright would attract the carp as they are very curious creatures.

And it worked.  As time was running out on the river, I headed back over there at the end of the month after the pike.

A rickety old bridge on the way round to a perfect pike spot.

Which did look like the perfect pike spot but this was not the case.  The month was finishing off on the hard side.

But with spring just round the corner, well I hope so.

Until next time Richard


January Update

Life of a carp fisherman is never as perfect as one would hope!  And this has certainly been that way.  I have only managed 3 trips out due ill heath; firstly my youngest was  on antibiotics for a week which involved no school and a daily trip to the hospital to give more.  Which is where I think I picked up another flu type bug, this did me in for a week.  I do try and put a bright twist on life, I did managed to write up 3 features for Spotted Fin!  These will end up in Carp Talk over the next few months, so not that bad.  My dad was down for the last week in January.  He has decided to move closer to us.  This is a weight off my mind, as it’s an 8 hour round trip to check how he is doing.  Mind you this is a good excuse to have a weekend away on Wales but its getting costly!

My first and second trips out resulted in blanks and it wasn’t long before I added another one to the list.

It clearly was not my month.  I even tried a local day ticket water for a few hours.  The only things active where the bream and the robins (who I do love).

It was a pleasant few hour’s until the cold north wind picked up.

This is a very nice lake.  I will defiantly come back to as spring starts to kick in.  Not long now folks!

Until next time