My Spotted Fin – Monthly Update’s – 2019




Here are copy’s of my monthly update on the Spotted Fin Website, click on the link to read other reports by my fellow Spotted Team Members.

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January Update

This Winter I am mixing things up a bit and doing some Perch Fishing.  I am still doing the odd weekend out on the carp lake.  Last year was pretty hard going and my Syndicate has started to slow down more and more each year.  My plan is to try and pick the best weekends to fish, to maximize my chance.  This has not worked out that well so far, as the better weekends I have been away and the cold, high-pressure weekends I have been on the lake.


Which is unfortunate and I still have yet to catch my first carp of 2019.  I’m not at the point of despair as that just fishing for you.  On the other hand, the Perch fishing is going pretty well, it’s been a long time since I have been after them.

used (1)

This is the best so far.  At 6 oz under 2 lb, I am hoping to make the 2 lb mark before moving back to the carp again.

With the forecast over the next weeks looking pretty bleak, I’m not holding my breath as there is a good chance most of the lakes will be frozen.  I wasn’t planning on being out on the river until the end of Feb, as my focus is on local water that holds a 2 lb+ Perch.

Until Next Month