My Spotted Fin – Monthly Update’s – 2018

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Here are copy’s of my monthly update on the Spotted Fin Website, click on the link to read other report by my fellow Spotted Team Members.

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January Update

Life of a carp fisherman is never as perfect as one would hope!  And this has certainly been that way.  I have only managed 3 trips out due ill heath; firstly my youngest was  on antibiotics for a week which involved no school and a daily trip to the hospital to give more.  Which is where I think I picked up another flu type bug, this did me in for a week.  I do try and put a bright twist on life, I did managed to write up 3 features for Spotted Fin!  These will end up in Carp Talk over the next few months, so not that bad.  My dad was down for the last week in January.  He has decided to move closer to us.  This is a weight off my mind, as it’s an 8 hour round trip to check how he is doing.  Mind you this is a good excuse to have a weekend away on Wales but its getting costly!

My first and second trips out resulted in blanks and it wasn’t long before I added another one to the list.

It clearly was not my month.  I even tried a local day ticket water for a few hours.  The only things active where the bream and the robins (who I do love).

It was a pleasant few hour’s until the cold north wind picked up.

This is a very nice lake.  I will defiantly come back to as spring starts to kick in.  Not long now folks!

Until next time