Fishing Rubbish

There is a bad trend within the fishing world of dumping leads.  I feel this is a bad trend due to the safety of the fish.  Now, I have been fishing for over thirty years and I understand that some fish have died because of being tethered.  However, are we using this as an excuse to dump 100’s of leads all over the place? We moan and complain when we see rubbish in our swims, but we are very happy to dump leads in the name of fish safety. Or is it because the hooked to landed ratio has improved?
There is also an issue with Spomb’s laying around on lake beds as they don’t float, I have put small poly balls on the end of my one, and so it will float.  It is a simple and cheap answer.

I also have a big issue with fake baits.  When your hook link breaks, there is a bait sitting around for as long as it takes for a carp to pick this up, gets hooked and possibly tethered up.  At least if this happens with a traditional bait, it would break down in the water.  Now here’s the rub, I have had the need to start using them over the past six months.  This is due to general pests who interfere with carp fishing and your bait presentation.  The only safe way I feel that I can combat this is by changing the hook link after every fish.

As anglers, we need to take more responsibility for all this rubbish lying around on and off the bank.