Finygo Fishing App

Ever since I started carp fishing (back in the early 80’s), I’ve recorded my fishing trips not just catch report but a log of the time spent on the lake, hours fished and a description of features, bait, rig, weather etc.

I’ve got a big stack of log books and I have even started to add this to my computer.  I have a memory stick full of them but I find it too hard to analyze information.  I then started with a few fishing apps, these were pretty poor and I was back using the log book again.  This was until I discovered the Finygo app the other year.  This is tailored more towards carp, coarse fishing and has an array of features that can help you analyze your catch report.  You can fill out as much as you like from a quick one-liner to a full-blown report.


I was so impressed with this app, I ask if I could join the team and help develop the app towards the modern day carp anglers.

This has turned out to be a great opportunity for me and it great to be part of the modern day future of fishing log.  I say log but it’s more than that, its an analytical tool which will help you catch more fish by analyzing your records.  The beauty of this app is that you can see the start of a trend in your fish and work towards better catches.  After using the app for some time, it’s worth checking back on past bait used.


As I don’t just carp fish, I get myself out on the river over the winter months and if I can pull myself away from the carp in the summer, I also get down there.

The app has a great roaming/live feature, it will record your movement and you can add fishing spots as you go along or just do when you get home.


I have been part of the journey for Finygo for over a year now, this app is constantly moving forward and evolving to aid the angler as a fishing tool.  It is a handy addition to every angler from novice to experience angler as fishing is an evolving sport/hobby that you have to keep on top of.  It also covers sea fishing and salmon fishing, it’s certainly the best fishing app.

I will be doing a hands-on guide over the coming months.

Until then Richard