Fish Deeper Page

This time of the year, I like to plan ahead as a lot of times, I arrive in the day or just at dusk. The benefits of planning are very much a key to my winter fishing. I started by looking at the swims. I’m likely to be fishing over these months based on past information and the coming day’s weather forecast. If you have read my blogs a lot, you will see that I have two lakes as part of my syndicate and I split my time on these over the year. It is mostly dictated by the closure of each one, the volume of anglers on each one over the summer months, and I also fish Meadow Lake in the Winter as it’s the only one open. I use the Fish Deeper page to find different spots from the normal ones as much as possible. By pinpointing these, you’re able to calculate the number of wraps and the horizon makers before you even arrive.
Find your spot, use the ruler to measure the distance, and then calculate the number of wraps.
By removing the scans and using the satellite image you can see which direction you needed to cast and how far away from any snags you will be.
Aiming just to the left of the island and the correct number of wraps, i was able to position my bait with the minimal amount of casts.
Fishing just of the edge of this hump and by reducing the number of casts I was lessening the disturbance in the water in the Winter months. I hope this helps Richard


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