Bait and Things

When I first started carp fishing back in the ’80s, I was making my own bait like everyone else and over the years, due to home life ended up buying bait. Back in the day, you would create the perfect bait mix and then stick to it as long as it kept catching. What I don’t understand is, why bait companies are put under pressure from the modern-day angler to produce a new boilie every year? It may be that some bait companies feel the need to bring a new product out every year to keep up with the competition from other companies or that the modern-day angler feels the need to swap baits every year.
I’m not really sure why anyone would, I prefer to stick to a bait that I’ve got the utmost confidence in and is consistently catching up carp. Why would you switch over to some new and basically start all over again building your confidence up? I would always be wondering how the old bait would’ve performed and would I have been catching more than I was on a new bait? It really does seem a bit silly to put yourself under more pressure and stress. Generally speaking, modern-day anglers don’t have the time or the inclination to make their own bait and don’t fully understand what goes into a good bait and how to make one – no hard feelings meant in that statement. There are a vast array of options these days, way more than when I was making bait. I would say that my knowledge is not where it was back in the ’90s as the products and the research papers are readily available. The internet has certainly opened the search side more now.
I can understand if your not catching much after say six months or so, but you do need to put it in perspective, relating to your fishing circumstances. You may have changed rig, fishing less, or at a different time to others. It does seem that people blame their bait first and don’t look back at what else has changed. We all go through lean periods. I write about not giving up a dispair as it can simply be something you have changed and not really remembered doing. I like to go back to basics and my standard Ronnie rig set up, safety clips, mono straight through and stick to that for a bit. I then work out where I may have gone wrong, but the bait is the last thing I tend to worry about, as I have the utmost confidence in the bait company where I get my bait from.
My point is really if you have absolute confidence in the bait you are using – stick with it and quality does matter especially when moving on to another water. The last thing you need to be doing is turning up with a new bait, it could be counterproductive. Until next time Richard

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